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I'm a freelance graphic designer currently located in Monterrey (Mexico). I am passionate about producing  poster design, iconography and 2D animations.

I chose graphic design to please, entertain and make people smile.

When I'm not designing I like to travel, listen to music, grow a beard  ,watch Netflix and play video-games. 

Work Experience


2018-19 Elemental Branding


- Creative Manager for Televisa Digital

Via Elemental Branding, I've coordinated and participated in several projects for TelevisaDigital. These projects include website structures and updates, keynote presentations, social media content among others. As a Motion Graphic Designer, I've also developed some assets for original content and helped direct some of the social media campaigns.


-Motion Graphics for Trebel

Via Elemental Branding, I've coordinated and produced several animations and video campaigns for Trebel Music.


2012-19 Freelancer

Graphic Designer & Motion Graphics Artist


-Developed the social network campaigns and designs for the Travel Agency "Extempo".

-Assisted with the direction and production of various 2D animation projects at "Cofradía Studio"

-Designed infographics & video ads for "Grupo DNA" 

-Founded, developed and designed Divit! Marketing Partners graphic materials.

-Made intro animations for “UDESIGN 2016” 

-Animated some of the "Madrid Cultura Abierta" Campaign materials.

-Developed the visual identity, website and various materials for the "CONEICC 2017" Event held in UDEM.


2015-16 Intern and Kick-off

Creative Coordinator & Graphic Design Intern

Before graduation, I worked at two main companies Sigma Alimentos and Besser Energy where I:

-Developed, designed and helped produce a cleaner brand with updated stationery, corporate documents, presentations, and web design.

-Learned how to quickly design announcements for internal communications.



2012-16 Universidad de Monterrey (NL, Mexico) 

Graduated in Graphic Design specialized on Information Design

-Member of Honors / Leadership Program Member of High Performance Program in CRGS

-Obtained Intercultural Skills Degree Awarded Top 10% grade in Graphic Design

-Took “How to touch someone’s heart with design” workshop by Stefan Sagmeister

-Took “Make Enemies & Gain Fans”workshop by Snask 

2015 Woodbury University (Burbank, California) 

Exchange Semester

-Awarded Academic Achievement for 3.93 score

-Two projects were chosen for the end-semester display (graphic design overall)

-Learned the process of making movie posters from Donald Schwartz and Steve Gold of BLT Communications

-Generated an ad campaign while getting to know the basics of visual marketing

-Learned how to make a website from scratch (HTML & CSS)

2012 Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, California) 

-Took Surface Design course, where I learned how to make patterns and apply them to products.

Skills / Curses

Managerial Skills / Art Direction / Problem-Solver / Proyect Management / User-focused / Iconography / Copy-writing / Motion Graphics / Always seeking improvements. / Critical Thinker / Concept-based design / Restless / Constant need of coherence  /  Mild video-game addiction 


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